Juliano Moreira Dasilva

I’m Juliano Moreira Dasilva, a designer, coder, and curator pushing pixels responsively.



Words are powerful and when accompanied with great design can surely change the world. This is my little corner where I share thoughts, learnings and express myself through words. Writing keeps me moving forward.
Writing makes me think harder — and thinking is good.

Designing For The Web

My first computer was a Pentium i486 with a DX2-66 Intel processor, a clock-doubling technology of 66Mhz, 32MB of memory RAM, and an incredible 200MB of disc storage. I got it from my parents as a birthday present in…

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Mobile First Talk

I’m from a country, Brazil, where people are closely connected with each other. So much so that most of the time, friends blissfully become part of the family. It’s a type of connection that permits us to be open…

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Redesigning, once again.

The core principle of design is to create, produce, develop products — software, website, hardware, etc — for humans to use. In web design, it's no different. We, web designers, are constantly challenged with different viewports made by different…

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