Juliano Moreira Dasilva

I’m Juliano Moreira Dasilva, a designer, developer, and curator pushing pixels responsively.

About Me


I'm a product designer, entrepreneur, thinker, and coffee lover who lives in code. I'm the co-founder of Cympel and we're redesigning the advertising industry online. I worked at Best Buy for 7 years as a Senior Designer and I had the honor to work with companies such as Google, Sony, Bose, Samsung, and Panasonic.


Hi! I'm Juliano Moreira Dasilva, also known as Juju. I'm a designer and coder living in Minneapolis, MN. I believe empathy, compassion and emotion are the highest touch points of any web experience. I'm interested in human behavior, psychology, and persuading users in a positive, fun, and playful way through design. I craft web experiences during the day and code during the night.

"Brazilian by birth and Bostonian by choice." I moved to the States 12 years ago to pursue a career in design. I lived in Boston for 10 of those 12 years and loved it. I'm a Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots fan. I also have an authentic passion for soccer, although I haven't been following my team very closely.

I'm a Christian. I believe in being a Believer is very important in the way we lead our life.

My family

A family portrait taken in Brazil three years ago.



Cympel is a nimble e-commerce startup focused on changing the perception of ads online. I co-founded Cympel with Jesse Hultgren and Courtland Caldwell in June 2012. We're redesigning the advertising industry with ads that are functional and interactive. At the core of Cympel's digital ads lies an e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy from anywhere, anytime, and with any device.

Best Buy

I worked for Best Buy for 7 years in various roles. Most recently, I was a Senior Designer of the E-commerce Experience Team for Bestbuy.com, the largest electronic retailer site with $3 billion in annual sales. My focus was in creating compelling experiences for desktop and mobile while working in collaboration with ACDs, CDs, developers, and business teams. I designed responsively.

Geek Squad

Technology is one of my passions and what drives me to make an impact in world. As a Geek Squad Agent, I was tasked with a very rewarding job: help customers with their technology. I was exposed to cutting-edge technology which allowed me to grow as a technologist. It was my first experience interacting with real customers on a daily basis, understanding their needs, and providing the best unbiased advice.