Juliano Moreira Dasilva

I’m Juliano Moreira Dasilva, a designer, developer, and curator pushing pixels responsively.



A work collection of the past 8+ years as a web designer. Contact me if you have any questions!

Dick Schulze

In September 2011, I had the honor to work on Dick Schulze's website with a team of brilliant people. Dick Schulze founded Sound of Music in 1966 and in 1983, the Sound of Music's board of directors approved a new and long-lasting name: Best Buy. My role in this project was to lead the design and user experience of the website by understanding the underlying business goals of the leadership team. I embarked in a very insightful and rewarding journey with Dick's team to visually communicate his trajectory as a founder with his cofounder Brad Anderson. I designed a fully responsive site that was used by thousands of employee across the enterprise.


Juliano Dasilva was an excellent partner on a high-profile, web-based project for the founder of Best Buy Co., Inc. Juliano was tasked with designing an attractive, intuitive site that would engage visitors and encourage them to download the founder’s book. I found Juliano to be professional, flexible and able to think of new ideas while staying true to proven and effective design principles. The project was very successful and Juliano’s work and partnership were critical factors in making it so."

- Mike Voss, Senior Director of Communication

  • Dick Schulze, Best Buy founder
  • Brainstorming, wireframes, device-agnostic design.
  • Wireframe version
  • Dick Schulze's Site
  • Dick Schulze Login Screen